Bangued, Abra — An Abrenian is the first gun ban violator in the Cordillera region.

Right after instituting checkpoints all over Abra, policemen caught Mark John Bumatnong Biccay tucking a loaded caliber .38 revolver on his waste as he was passing through a Comelec checkpoint at Tangadan, San Quintin, Abra on Monday afternoon.

Unable to show any government sanction why he was carrying a gun, Biccay was taken to the San Quintin police station for further questioning and face criminal charges for illegally bringing a gun.

Authorities were placed on red alert on midnight Sunday as the election season officially started.

Abra though was not identified as among the authorities’ “areas of concern” for the upcoming May midterm polls despite its long history of poll-related violence.

Situation though has significantly improved (in the province), vowed Abra Governor Jocelyn Bernos, compared to the past years when political rivalries had always turned bloody. – Artemio A. Dumlao