BAGUIO CITY — As traffic conditions continue to worsen in several areas of the Summer Capital, city officials are looking for alternative strategies to alleviate the dire situation experienced by residents and visitors on an almost daily basis.

The local legislature is urging the Traffic and Transportation Management Committee (TTMC) to study the implementation of a “No Backing-Up” rule for heavy trucks and buses along Buhagan Road (Bokawkan Road), Aspiras-Palispis Highway (Marcos Highway) and Gov. Pack Road to address the traffic congestion in these areas.

This is stated in city council resolution number 391, series of 2018, authored by councilor Elaine Sembrano and ratified by Mayor Mauricio Domogan.

The measure states that the TTMC was created for the purpose of studying and recommending solutions to the city’s traffic concerns and also suggests policies that the local government may implement.

“It is an observation that vehicles that are backing-up coming from business establishments along Buhagan Road and Aspiras-Palispis Highway instantly creates traffic congestion,” it claims.

The resolution adds that the backing-up of buses along Gov. Pack Road also disrupts traffic flow and creates traffic congestion in the area.

It suggests that the TTMC may adopt the “Nose-In, Nose-Out” policy that is being implemented by the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to address the traffic congestion in the problem areas.-gaby keith