BAGUIO CITY (December 10, 2018) — The Communist Party of the
Philippine said Monday that even with the extension of Martial Law in
Mindanao, rebel taxation, especially during the election period, will

The AFP and PNP, the CPP said, “cannot stop the revolutionary movement
from collecting taxes or ensuring policies with regard the conduct of
elections,” hinting that, “enterprises operating their businesses in
the territories under revolutionary authority continue to remit their
duly assessed taxes based on their recognition of the strength and
authority of and cooperation with the people’s democratic government

The military earlier admitted that another reason for martial law
extension in Mindanao is to stop the collection of revolutionary taxes
and prevent the New People’s Army (NPA) from implementing its
so-called “revolutionary policies on the reactionary elections.”

While the CPP further hinted that, “in the same manner, political
parties and candidates cooperate with the (revolutionary movement)
concerning its policies with regard the conduct of election campaign
to protect the interest of the people, which include prohibiting
candidates from tagging along armed military, police or private
bodyguards and using coercion against the people.”

The CPP admitted “over the past weeks, many political parties and
candidates have already complied with policies and requirements
including settlement of required fees, while numerous others have
affirmed their plan to fulfill their obligations.”***Artemio A.